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Gifting is an art. Choosing a gift for your partner, friend, girlfriend or family can be overwhelming. Most people would rather rack their brains on evil Sudoku than make a list of gifts for someone they love. If you need help picking out a much-appreciated gift, you’ll love our experience-backed, research-intensive, creative and intuitive posts on gift ideas for every occasion and special person in your life. Our hand-picked gifting items are occasion-appropriate and full of value that gift-getters will love and use. We are committed to helping you build your gifting mojo and winning people over!
Let’s start with the basics of gifting etiquette.


You don't want to be looked upon as an inconsiderate gifter


Some views on gift ideas are frankly ridiculous. Whoever said 'just give them what they ask for' obviously hasn't taken the expensive tastes of 16-year old nieces or the unrealistic expectations of drama king boyfriends into consideration! Gift giving shouldn't be so materialistic and over-indulgent that it completely shadows the sentiments and affection behind the gesture. A well-considered gift can be both pricey and meaningful.


Think you can save time and set a fixed budget by buying everyone on your list the same present? Especially if the gift-getters don't know each other and have no way of finding out that they all received copper glass coasters for Christmas? Well, it can work, but only if you don't care enough about most of them to try thinking of a personalized gift. Such obligatory, thoughtless gifts can actually elicit negative opinions about you in receivers' minds.


Will a fancy gift guarantee lots of warm, fuzzy feelings for you? It may or may not. Consumer research studies have shown that convenience and utility tend to trump quality. For instance, the odds of gift-getters appreciating a gift certificate to a restaurant in their vicinity more than one to an upscale restaurant an hour's drive away, are higher.


We don't have to say this, but we will: don't give cash! Even if you think it seems like a practical thing to do, it just kills the emotion and purpose behind the gift-giving ritual. There is also a risk of appearing demeaning or condescending, so think twice before you hand out $20 bills to friends and loved ones.


Are your gift-giving habits backfiring?


There are many among us who take the time, effort and sometimes stress to find the perfect gift for those we care about. But the gift doesn't exactly make the person happy or evoke strong, positive emotions. Fact of life: we all get a present that we don't like. But some get it right nine out of ten times. Maybe they put their intuition to work, or maybe they rely on gift ideas from someone who's fact-checked, researched, observed, experienced and drawn valuable insights into the psychology of gift-giving, and has deep knowledge of popular, uncommon, unique, new and emerging gifts – from types to prices – that aid decision-making. We’ve just described Gift Ideas Hut, your reliable one-stop destination for gift ideas that don't backfire! Bank on our expertise if the following thoughts are troubling you:


      You are clueless about what to gift your significant other, and wondering if this means you don't know him/her well enough.
      Each year, you spend a lot of time picking out gifts for your family members, but they always look disappointed. What are you doing wrong?
      Your best friend just told your brother that she hated the gift you gave her, and you're anxious that it will lead to a disconnect in your relationship.
      Your partner recently complained that you never get her sentimental gifts. Does that mean all the useful and functional gifts you've bought her have just gone waste?
      You want to stop re-gifting.

Get gift ideas at your fingertips. Draw inspiration from multiple posts on gift ideas for a highly-personalized present that earns you brownie points. All the gift suggestions you need are right here!


Why Us?


Practical, sentimental, unique and creative, our gift ideas are backed by solid reasons and research that help ensure a good fit for the occasion. We don't recycle existing gift ideas or provide suggestions that a majority of readers may find financially unviable. We scour the internet for great gifts targeted to the audience in question, brainstorm on why the receivers would appreciate it, debate on why they wouldn’t like or use it, and then create our top ten or twenty list of gift ideas.
That’s not all, we also draw from our personal gifting experiences with loved ones to determine the suitability of our gift suggestions.


We also love to share our stories with you - perhaps you’ve been in the same boat and wondered why the heck your aunt didn’t like the 30th wedding anniversary gift you picked out so lovingly, or why birthday ideas for your husband don’t go the way you planned! Club our views and your experience for a 360 degree understanding of gifts that work and gifts that flop. Choose a winner for every occasion, and demonstrate that you really care about your colleague or have the power to read your demanding girlfriend’s mind!


Gifts For All Occasions


Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, graduation, engagement, baby shower, promotion, christening, bar mitzvah, thank you/appreciation, white elephant gifts and everything in between...our gift ideas encompass just about every occasion – whether formal or casual, whether you want to surprise them, or 'just because' you feel like giving her something special. We constantly update our suggestions and link out to amazing product pages.


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Gifts For the Special People in Your Life


What your significant other wants on your fifth anniversary can be quite different from what your girlfriend expects as a first anniversary gift. A gift is more than an expression of love, it contains subtle messages symbolic of the current state and stage of your relationship, or where you would like to take the relationship in the future. Your partner or boyfriend will likely scrutinize your birthday gift with the same astuteness as your friend of ten years who has just received a baby shower gift from you. When the person in question is an important part of your life, you want to go the extra mile in selecting a near-perfect gift. Here’s where our suggestions can help you make an informed choice.


From men’s Valentines gifts and girlfriend gift ideas to Christmas gifts for husbands and birthday present ideas for wife, we’ve got you covered. We have some nifty personalization ideas up our sleeves, so you can up the ante and let your gift do all the talking!


We welcome you to explore our site, share our posts and keep up with the latest in gift shopping to share the love and receive lots of it in return.