Dog Clicker Training Busted

Clicker training can be VERY EFFECTIVE, if you know how to use it.

Timing Timing Timing!!!. It's all about timing.

Clicking almost at the same instant your dog does what you ask for is critical in clicker training. When your click is timed this way, with your dogs action, the sound of your click teaches the dog that it is doing what you are asking. It is approximated that the time between your dogs action and your click to be 2 to 3 seconds.
Clicking a bit late will have the dog associate a different action with your command.

When you begin training, it's always good to start with clicks and treats.

Reward your dog with his or her favorite treat each time a correct action is performed, followed by praising the dog.

Clickers should not be used too often as this could desensitize your dog to the sound.
It is important that you be really patient with your dog through this process and making it a fun moment for your dog and in overall a successful training.