Top 4 Tips To Stop Your Dog from Pulling the Leash

In order to keep your dog under full control at all times, you need an appropriately measured harness that's properly designed to constantly influence their every little movement. Again, the leash ought to remain a little slack so as to allow you pet to move at your pace, and to stop whenever you do. Additionally, you're supposed to also train your trusty mate how to respond to all cues and behavior-altering hints you give them.

However, some furry friends have the undesirable habit of pulling the leash while walking with their masters. All the same, the good news is that this nasty trend can be slowly reversed through a couple of tried and tested corrective steps. As such, this brief article highlights a few failsafe interventions known to deter errant pets from straying beyond the intended confines or paths. Continue reading to discover some top 4 tips for stopping dogs from pulling the leash.


1. Motivating Rewards for Right Behaviours

If your pets are used to straying beyond the intended limits or courses, you should subject them to a reward system by giving them a motivating treat whenever they do the right thing. As your faithful pals slowly discover that staying within bounds without straining the leash attracts wonderful treats, they'll easily habituate themselves to keeping the leash always slack. In fact, pet experts have found out the interesting truth that these corrective trends are followed independent of the enduing rewards once the obedient canines finally differentiate intended habits from undesired traits.


2. Penalty Yard Training

Penalty yard training can also help your trusty mates quit pulling the leash. For instance, you can place an appetizing bite on the ground, a few meters right in front of your loyal companion. As they obviously lunge forward toward the bait, shout "Oops!". With repeated rebukes whenever they pull the leash, the dog will ultimately grasp the fact that they're not stopped to stretch the leash and thus naturally refrain from it.

3. No Pull Dog Harness

Again, dog owners whose pets frequently outpace them during walks or try to stretch beyond the desired spots might instill discipline by using no pull dog harness designs. Nonetheless, you are advised to steer clear from unnecessarily restrictive choices even as you choose the most helpful dog harness that prevents pulling the leash.


4. Painstaking Exercises

The reason why your furry friend runs ahead of your while walking is that they are always too active and energetic. As such, you ought to engage them in tiring exercises that get them thoroughly exhausted beforehand. An already tired pet will rarely run ahead of you or strain the leash in wandering detours. However, you should still go for the recommended workouts depending on your dog's breed, size, and general health condition.